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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can I schedule time with my counselor?  
A request form can be filled out to schedule a meeting. At your scheduled meeting you'll be able to discuss things like credit questions, grades, scheduling, colleges and trade schools, applications, and more!  Please allow the counselors 24-48 hours for us to respond to your request to talk with them. The counselors may also respond via your Farmersville ISD email depending on the request so please check that frequently. To fill out a request form, click here. IF YOU ARE HAVING OR EXPERIENCING A PERSONAL EMERGENCY THEN PLEASE COME TO ONE OF OUR OFFICES RIGHT AWAY! WE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO TALK WHENEVER YOU NEED HELP.
2.  When will GPAs and class ranks be updated?  
GPAs and class ranks are updated after each semester ends.
3.  When can I make changes to my schedule?  
Schedule changes are made the first week of each semester.  After one week, schedule changes can only be made under extenuating circumstances, and only with principal approval.

4.  How do I get into an honors/dual credit class?
Honors & dual credit classes require a student to have an A average for the entire preceding course if it is a regular course (taking regular English 2, wanting to take Honors English 3 following year) or an 85 for the entire preceding course if it is an honors course (taking honors English 2, wanting to take Honors English 3).
5.  How do I register for dual credit classes?
If you are a returning dual credit student, see Ms. Matkin and she will help you choose classes and get registered . If you are a new dual credit student, see Ms. Matkin. She'll be able to see if you meet eligibility requirements and help you with your application.

6.  Can I change my endorsement?
Yes-with certain limitations.  If you are very far into your endorsement (more than 2 years in)-there are very few endorsements you can start and finish in the remaining 2 years (multidisciplinary may be the only option).  If you are less than 2 years in, you have more options, but there are still a few endorsements that you wouldn't be able to complete in the remaining time.

7.  Which test should I take? The ACT or the SAT test?  
Try a practice test of each one and see which one you do better on. The SAT is offered at Farmersville High School, the ACT is only offered off-site. 
8.  How do I request a copy of my transcript?  
Email Ms. Jill Cooper at [email protected] and she will send you an electronic copy of your transcript. If you need an official transcript sent to a university or college, please email Ms. Jill Cooper to initiate the process of having it sent. 
9.  How do I get information about scholarships?  
Go to the Farmersville ISD scholarships page or look for scholarships at the college or university you are planning on attending.
10.  When do I get to choose classes for next year?  
Course scheduling will be done every spring for the following year.  The new academic planning guide and updated graduation requirements will be released in early spring semester.  Counselors will meet with each class to go over updates to the Academic planning guide in March.  Students will then be given 1-2 weeks to decide what classes they want/need to take and counselors will meet with students in late March/April to enter course requests into the student portal.  Classes will be finalized over the summer and class schedules will be available at the end of the summer.
Eighth grade students will participate in Fish Camp in the spring where all student organizations will do presentations so 8th graders can see what options are available.  During Fish Camp counselors will introduce 8th graders to the Academic Planning Guide and graduation requirements.  Fish Camp counselors will help eighth graders choose their classes for the following year.  Eighth graders will then have 1-2 weeks to review their choices with their parents before entering them into their student portal.