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Juan de la Cruz » Español 2

Español 2


Intermediate Spanish – Spanish II Syllabus


Instructor : Señor Juan de la Cruz                                                                            Semesters: Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Subject: Spanish II                                                                                                        Periods: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th

Room #: 309                                                                                                                   Email:

Pre-requisite: Spanish I or equivalent                                                                      Conference time:  4th period (11:20-12:50)



All information that students need for tests and quizzes will be given via class notes, handouts, and homework assignments. Since there is no textbook, it is of utmost importance that students keep organized notebooks with their daily notes and handouts.


The purpose of this course is to enable students to continue to acquire proficiency in Spanish through a linguistic, communicative, and cultural approach to language learning.  Emphasis is placed on the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and on the acquisition of the fundamentals of applied grammar.  Cross-cultural understanding is fostered and real-life applications are emphasized throughout the course.



General objective is to prepare students to perform at the Intermediate level on the ACTFL scale in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will, in each unit of study, practice the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS); i.e., understand and interpret written and spoken Spanish, engage in oral and written exchanges of learned material in Spanish, and demonstrate an understanding of various cultural practices and perspectives



Supplies -- Students are responsible to keep up with, and bring to class every day their supplies.

  • One 3 ring binder (may be shared with other classes as long as there is a section designated for Spanish)
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Only black or blue pens, pencils
  • 1 spiral notebook for notes
  • 1 box of facial tissues, OR a pack of spoons/forks for food projects throughout the school year

* Students will be penalized if not prepared for class with all materials*

Attendance & Tardies

  • A student who arrives to class more than 10 minutes late will be counted absent.
  • Students are expected to be on time, in their seats, and prepared for class when the tardy bell rings. If tardy, the following is imposed:
                • 1st Tardy – Verbal warning
                • 2nd Tardy - One detention; parents contacted.
                • 3rd Tardy - One detention; parents contacted & warned of further disciplinary action if the student receives any more tardies.
                • 4th Tardy & any additional tardies - Office referral; parents contacted; decision by administration to assign Saturday School; ISS; etc.

Students will be evaluated on the four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Evaluations will be conducted formally (written tests, quizzes) as well as informally (teacher/student interactions, class participation, etc.)



Test/project grades  = 50% of overall grade

There will be at least 6 tests each semester (i.e. 2 per 6 weeks), plus additional projects, which will also count as a test grade. District assessments will be given at the end of the first and second semester.

Daily grades = 50% of overall grade

Includes quizzes (quizzes may be announced or unannounced, and weighted as single or double, as teacher determines), homework assignments, ¡Empecemos! (bellwork), class participation, oral presentations, mini-projects, class work/daily assignments, and online assessments.

Daily Grades breakdown:

Quizzes/oral presentations: 25%

Homework/Daily Assignments: 15%

¡Empecemos! (bellwork): 10%



Student was absent:  Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up any missed assignments.  Student must request make-up work no later than THE DAY YOU RETURN TO CLASS FOLLOWING AN ABSENCE. It is the student’s responsibility to request missed assignments and find out what they need to make up in the event of an absence. Students will be given one day for each day missed to turn in assignments. 

Student was not absent: If the student was not absent and does not turn in an assignment on time (meaning completed at the beginning of the class period), they will receive a 30 point deduction (maximum grade of 70%) if the assignment is submitted one day after the due date. Absolutely no credit will be given after the one day grace period. Parents, please make sure your child is completing homework and daily assignments ON TIME, as it will impact grades significantly.

Failed Tests:

Students who fail tests will be allowed to retake them for a maximum grade of 70. Absolutely no other type of assignment may be redone. Students must come in during tutorials to make corrections, then come in to retake a different version of the test within one week.



Tutoring is always beneficial and is highly encouraged. Tutoring is embedded during the school day for 25 minutes usually between 2nd and 3rd period, in addition to before and after school.


EXTRA CREDIT PROJECTS/ASSIGNMENTS – I may or may not choose to offer extra credit options in this course; I leave that decision open to my discretion. Extra credit options may be offered to everyone in the class. Extra credit will NOT, however, be offered on an individual basis. Do not come to me the day before grade reports come out and ask if there is anything you can do to raise your grade. The grade you receive is a reflection of the cumulative work and effort you have put out over the grading period.


Attending a tutorial session, up to twice maximum per six weeks, awards 5 extra points to the test category grade.



ALL RULES as defined in the STUDENT HANDBOOK are in effect at all times in this classroom and overrule the syllabus for this class.  Appropriate disciplinary measures will be enforced at all times.  I will enforce district policies concerning tardiness, dress code, restroom privileges, etc. Additionally, here are a few specific rules you must follow at all times in my classroom:            

  1. NO GUM! The only exception to this rule is on quiz and test days, excluding any oral assignments.
  2. No eating or drinking in the classroom, except for class projects as instructed by the teacher.
  3. Be on time, be prepared, and begin working on your “Empecemos” {bellwork} as soon as the bell rings.
  4. Be respectful of yourself, the teacher, your classmates and everything in the classroom.
  5. Talking is never allowed while I am teaching.
  6. Keep all aisles clear at all times.
  7. Always participate and complete all class work assignments when they are given - daily grades can be taken at any time as well as unannounced quizzes.
  8. Bring all supplies to class every day (homework, paper, notebook, pens, and pencils).
  9. Electronic devices are only allowed with the teacher’s permission, which is rarely.
  10. DO YOUR OWN WORK. *Internet text translators are UNACCEPTABLE and students will be penalized (both academically and with disciplinary actions) if found to be using these devices. Additionally, these programs are often unreliable and inaccurate if not used correctly. I am a native Spanish speaker and can recognize incorrect usage of the language immediately, especially if done by electronic means.

Be positive and work hard! My class is challenging, but not impossible!