Guidance and Counseling

The Guidance Department's mission is to provide services and support to students and their families for the greatest level of academic, social, and emotional success. Guidance Counseling provides students with assistance to successfully earn a diploma and make plans after graduating.
Jill Cooper   Counselor (11th & 12th Grades and Dual Credit)
(972) 782-7757
Megan Dalton     Counselor (9th & 10th Grades)
(972) 782-7757
Alexis Barge     Counselor (Collin College)


SAT/ACT Information:

ACT Registration: (check with the college you are applying to in order to see if they require the writing portion). 

SAT Registration: make sure you sign up for the REASONING test.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  When will GPAs and class ranks be updated?  GPAs and class ranks are updated after each semester ends.

2.  When can I make changes to my schedule?  Schedule changes are made the first week of each semester.  After one week, schedule changes can only be made under extenuating circumstances, and only with principal approval.

3.  How do I get into an honors/dual credit class?  Honors & dual credit classes require a student to have an A average for the entire preceding course if it is a regular course (taking regular English 2, wanting to take Honors English 3 following year) or an 85 for the entire preceding course if it is an honors course (taking honors English 2, wanting to take Honors English 3).

4.  Can I change my endorsement?  Yes-with certain limitations.  If you are very far into your endorsement (more than 2 years in)-there are very few endorsements you can start and finish in the remaining 2 years (multidisciplinary may be the only option).  If you are less than 2 years in, you have more options, but there are still a few endorsements that you wouldn't be able to complete in the remaining time.

5.  Should I take the ACT or the SAT test?  If your parents will let you, take both!  If you can only take one, most students do better on the ACT.