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Bryce Sawyers » Bryce D. Sawyers; Pre-Calculus

Bryce D. Sawyers; Pre-Calculus

Hello, I am Farmersville High School's Pre Calculus teacher.  I have been teaching physics and mathematics since 2012.  Before that, I was a physicist at Texas Instruments doing failure analysis for DLP.  I am a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, a husband of the coolest woman in the world, Roxann, and a father of two adult children, Alexander and Elizabeth.  I love teaching physics and math and can not wait to help this year's students reach the next level in their endeavors.
The best way to get in contact with me is email.  I make every effort to return emails same day.
My Schedule:
1st  CP Math (8:10-9:00)
2nd  CP Math (9:05-9:55)
3rd  Honors Precalculus (10:30-11:20)
A Lunch (11:20-11:50)
4th  Precalculus (11:55-12:50)
5th  Honors Precalculus (12:55-1:45)
6th  Precalculus (1:50-2:40)
7th  Conference (2:45-3:35)
Tutorials:  By appointment (No Friday afternoons)
Grading Policy:
Tests/Major Assignments  50% of total grade
Quizzes  25% of total grade
Classwork/Homework  25% of total grade
Late Work:  Work can be turned in one day late for a max score of 70%.  No work will be accepted after that.
Missed Work:  Work missed due to an excused absence will be given a day for day extension.  Ex:  If 2 days are missed for an excused school volleyball tournament, then 2 days get added to the deadline.