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Justin Fischer

Did you know that 1.3 million species have been formally described, yet up to ten million are thought to exist? In my science classes, I strive to educate students about why life matters. Being a scientist goes perfectly with lifelong learning. We will work our hardest to grasp all there is to know about biology, but there will always be something new to explore. I look forward to working collaboratively with students this year!
The most important rule in my class is respect. Respect teachers and staff, students, parents and yourself. My classroom is always a safe, comfortable environment for students from all backgrounds. I have high expectations, but we have fun getting the work done!
Contact: Email is the best way to reach me between 7:45 - 4 pm.
7:45-8:10 Tutorials
1st Period: Biology
2nd Period: Anatomy/Physiology
3rd Period: Anatomy/Physiology
4th Period: Biology (First Lunch)
5th Period: Conference
6th Period: Biology
7th Period: Biology
3:40-4:00: Tutorials
A bit about me:
I started teaching secondary science in the spring of 2018, but my experiences in education go far beyond. I spent my childhood about 50/50 in urban Fort Worth and rural Denton County. In those times I became interested in both natural resources management and urban ecology. While earning a Bachelor of Science in Ecology from the University of North Texas, I worked as a Natural Resources Biologist at the Fort Worth Nature Center. I later conducted tropical research while living in the remote jungles of Costa Rica. While there, I met the scientist who would become my wife. My awesome daughter was born while my wife and I were graduate students at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Talk about multitasking! I earned my Masters of Science by researching the impacts of light pollution on stream animals. As a part of my graduate program, I discovered my love for teaching. My wife and I both decided to use our passion for science to do our best to educate the next generation. We decided to become teachers! That was the best decision I've made.
I enjoy hiking, camping, birdwatching (yes, birds) and living off the land. I am also super passionate about the value of learning another language. Travel, meet people and see the world!