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Chris Chase » English IV

English IV

The 2019-20 school year marks the start of my tenure in Farmersville. My previous teaching and coaching experience includes stops at Uvalde Junior High/Uvalde High School, Cooper High School in Abilene, Kemp High School, and Everman Joe C. Bean High School. In addition to teaching English 4 this year, I have also taught English 1 and 2, ESL, social studies (Texas history, U.S. History, and economics), and professional communications.
I was born in Dallas, but my hometown is San Antonio. I am a graduate of John Marshall High School in 1994. I earned a BA in mass communication with a minor in political science from Texas State University (known as Southwest Texas State University at the time) in San Marcos. My mother is a U.S. Army Nurse Corps veteran who served 21 years. Following college graduation, I had a seven-year career as an award-winning journalist before starting in education and coaching. 
1st Period - English 4
2nd Period - English 4
3rd Period - English 4
4th Period - English 4 (C Lunch)
5th Period - Junior High Girls Athletics
6th Period - Conference
7th Period - Varsity Athletics
Quizzes - 20 percent; up to 1 per week (multiple choice or short answer)
Daily Grades - 30 percent; 1-2 per week
Tests, Projects, Essays - 50 percent; minimum of 1 test, 1 project, and 1 essay per grading cycle
         LATE/MAKE-UP WORK: Assignments that are not turned in on the due date may be turned in for a maximum grade of 70 the next day. If the assignment is not turned in after the grace period, an academic detention will be issued and the grade will be entered as a zero. Absence does not excuse you from assignments; a one-day extension per day class period missed will be granted for excused absence.
If you e-mail me at you will get a response as soon as possible. You can also make arrangements for a conference by contacting Farmersville High School at (972) 782-7757.
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